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Using Sage to Smudge and Bless: an Ancient Tradition

Sage is an ancient sacred herb used during sacred ceremonies and smudging rituals. Traditional Native American smudging ceremonies use California Whites Sage, Dakota Sage, and Desert Sage . Taos Herb Company carries the finest hand-made, wild-crafted, and sustainably grown sage smudging products that we can find.

Our White sage (Salvia apiana, as are our other sages and all of our wild-crafted plants) are collected in an ethical manner with respect to the plant, to the land and to the land owners. Taos Herb Company and our trusted wild-crafters have been engaged in ethical wild-crafting since 1981. We love plants, we respect plants, we depend on plants and we must collect plants in a manner that ensures that this precious plant will still be there year after year.

Our White Sage is collected from private property with permission from the property owner and permission from the plant though prayers to the plant spirit. When white Sage is collected properly, which is done by snipping just the leaf clusters (and only about 30 percent of the leaf clusters from any single plant), the process actually stimulates more growth and increases the supply of White Sage. Snipping the leaf cluster (rather than tearing of whole branches or ripping up the entire plant) causes the stem to bifurcate (split into 2 new stems) which doubles the number of leaves.

Customer Review: "The quality of the herbs is far superior compared to other places. The size of the smudge wands and sweetbraids is quite generous. I'm still enjoying the benefits of the Blessing Kit I purchased a few months ago. If you like to "smudge", give these folks a try, you will be glad you did!" -- Laura, on Facebook

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