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Dakota Sage Smudge Wand (Out of Stock)

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Hand-gathered with prayer in South Dakota.
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Dakota Sage Smudge Wand

Gathered into bundles called wands, this sage - actually an Artemesia - is hand-gathered with prayer in South Dakota. Also known as Artemesia Ludoviciana, Man Sage, Black Sage, Badlands Sage, or Dakota White Sage. these wands vary in size but are generally 12-16 inches long. Our Dakota Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana as well as all of our wild-crafted plants) are collected in an ethical manner with respect to the plant, to the land, the land owners and Grandmother Earth. Taos Herb Company and our trusted wild-crafters have been engaged in ethical wild-crafting and teaching ethical wild-crafting since 1981. We love plants, we respect plants, we depend on plants and we must collect plants in a manner that ensures that these precious gifts from the creator will still be there year after year.
Average rating:
average rating 94%
7 reviews

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Dakota Sage Smudge Wand 11/22/2016
By Susan Mercurio
I bought this for a friend as a gift. He received it in a timely manner. I thought the price was reasonable, but the S & H charges were a little high. Great gift!

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