Palo Santo

The Legend of Palo Santo:

The Palo Santo tree is deemed to be a symbol of love, kindness and longing. This unique symbolism is derived from the legend of Cosokait.

It is said that during the embryotic stage of human existence the most handsome and virtuous man, Cosokait, was plagued by the unrequited love of a fair maiden. His love for her was so deep that it consumed the life blood of his physical existence. As he lay dying, he called for his love but, she never arrived. With his dying breath, he spoke these words: “Please tell her that I don’t want to die, but Yago (God) is taking my life away. I’ll be always with her, I will ornate her head with perfumed flowers. I will frighten insects away from her. I will give fragrance to the water that her lips drink. I will go to heaven in the aromatic smoke during the NAREG ceremony. And I will be wherever she is and will give her whatever she asks for…”. From his grave sprouted the Palo Santo tree.

The spirit of unconditional love and devotion is evoked in the scent of the wood of this sacred tree, wood that can and should only be used after the tree has died naturally.

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