Medicine Bag + 1oz. Juniper Berries (Out of Stock)

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Your personal bag and Juniper berries for healing, protection.
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Medicine Bag PLUS 1oz. Juniper Berries

Our small medicine bag is made by a Taos artist of soft buckskin.

Juniper Trees are considered sacred by some Native American tribes, and grow in the Southwest, where Taos Herb Company is located. Traditionally some wear the berries on the person, or string them up in the house, to attract love or for protection. Can be ground with mortar and pestle and placed on Charcoal Tablets.

The reasons to carry a medicine are for guidance, healing and protection. The Shaman often carries a medicine bag that has items in it for healing oneself and others. Your medicine bag should be holy and personal to you and not opened by anyone else. It serves as a connection to your spiritual and healing nature.

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