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Yerba Hair Care ProductsThe early Spanish explorers were given a secret to healthy hair by the indigenous people of the American Southwest. Today we bring you this traditional herbal therapy in naturally infused Yerba Shampoo, Yerba Conditioner and Yerba Concentrate

Yerba Hair Care is made with 100% sustainably wildcrafted Negrita (Scarlet Globemallow) and Amole (Yucca) herbs. These herbs were used in ancient times for washing and conditioning the hair by the indigenous native people of the Southwest. The benefits are many:
  • A natural conditioning effect is produced by the pure extracts of the herbs.
  • Unlike most "natural" herbal hair care products that contain only tiny amounts of herbal ingredients, Yerba Hair Care contains large amounts of the active herbs -over 50%- assuring highest standard of quality and the most benefit to your hair.

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Directions for use:

Yerba Concentrate - This is the Hair Strengthening and Growth Formula! At least 20 minutes before shampooing, spray Yerba Concentrate at the root level and massage into your scalp. Then shampoo as usual with Yerba Shampoo and finish with Yerba Conditioner. After shampooing, you may apply a small amount to the scalp again before styling your hair. Massage into scalp daily and leave on to allow the herb to work on the roots.

Yerba Shampoo - Wet hair, massage into your scalp to a lather to remove dirt from the hair. Rinse. A heavier lather will result if you repeat. A separate conditioner is not required but may be used.

Yerba Deep Hair Conditioner - After washing your hair with Yerba shampoo, massage Yerba Deep Hair Conditioner into your hair, wait a half a minute and rinse your hair. If you have very oily hair apply conditioner only to the ends and middle section of your hair.


"Hi, I just started to use your shampoo, my hair feels like it did when I was young, I'm going on 69 in Dec. Thanks."--Lynn

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual user.

"Yerba Hair Care stopped my hair thinning due to stress related alopecia (hair loss)." -- Roberta H. Tijeras, N.M.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual user.

"I believe Yerba Hair Care has stopped my hair loss, my hair is healthier and its a great conditioner!"- Dennis R., Taos, N.M.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual user.

"After giving birth to my daughter (8 years ago) I found my hair come out in clumps and continues to thin. I used to have thick lush hair and now it's baby fine. I'm hoping that your shampoo will help. I was in Blockbusters about a month ago, in line to rent a movie. I commented to woman in line in front of me about how beautiful hair her hair was. She swore by your shampoo, saying that after she had her babies she lost so much hair and that your shampoo was the ONLY thing that worked -- and restored her beautiful hair. She was wearing it in a long pony tail which went down to her rear end." -- Anonymous Yerba Customer

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual user.

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