Yerba Hair Care Shampoo

Yerba Hair Care Shampoo

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Explore the luxurious world of Yerba Hair Care.
Yerba Hair Care Shampoo 16 oz $13.95 Yerba Hair Care Shampoo 8 oz $9.95
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Yerba Hair Care Shampoo - Intense Yucca and Globemallow infusion for clean, healthy hair.

Our YERBA highly concentrated herbal hair shampoo is a natural, plant-based formula from an ancient herbal recipe using Yucca and Globe Mallow.

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Shampoo hair and massage into scalp for up to a minute. Rinse well. For best results, apply Yerba Conditioner and leave on hair for at least 2 minutes before rinsing. Yerba Concentrate can be sprayed into scalp and massaged for a few minutes before washing hair. Some users prefer to apply the Concentrate after conditioning as a leave-in-hair application.