Pennyroyal Pure Essential Oil

Pennyroyal Pure Essential Oil

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Pennyroyal Pure Essential Oil

** Pennyroyal Essential Oil is extremely concentrated and should NOT ever be taken internally because it is HIGHLY TOXIC; even in small doses due to the presence of Pulegone which metabolizes into menthofuran (a deadly liver toxin). Severe liver damage and death has been reported from attempts to use the oil for self-induced abortion. The oil can be diffused into the air for aromatherapy but Pennyroyal oil should NOT be used on the skin or as a natural flea repellent due to its toxicity to pets, even at extremely low levels. It should also NOT be used on the skin(even diluted).

Botanical Name: Mentha pulegium

Method of Extraction for Pennyroyal Essential Oil: Steam distillation of the crushed leaves

Pennyroyal Essential Oil blends well with: This oil does not blend well with other oils.

Uses, recipes and mixtures for Pennyroyal Essential Oil:

Fun Fact: Also known as Cayote Mint, Wild Bergamot, and Dwarf Thyme, Pennyroyal is effective as an insect repellent.

Pennyroyal Essential Oil Recipe:

  • Mix Pennyroyal Essential Oil with Citronella when making natural insect repellant.

Properties: Pennyroyal Essential Oil is said to promote emotional ease and relaxation.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and potent. Most essential oils should be diluted before use, and most are not intended for internal use. For more information, consult an aromatherapy practitioner.

This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you are sick or believe you might be sick, consult your doctor.

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