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Paintbrush CD

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Native American Music CD
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Paintbrush CD

Paintbrush- Speaks of the Creation Story. The CD starts with "ln The Beginning" and then Night Whispers tells of the time when the earth was void and dark, but then Creator takes out a paintbrush and paints the colors of the earth. Wind Walker speaks of the Creator hanging the four winds Beyond the Stars says that we all come from the stars and one day we shall all return there Tattered Spirit tells of our journey on the Good Red Road and how we sometimes fall on the Black Road and our lives become tattered. The song takes the listener on that Black Road but in the end returns you to the Good Red Road and so forth and so on.

Twohawks is an enrolled tribal member of the Mount Tabor Indian Community. He is the former Director and founder of the Native American Flute Circle of Louisiana, the founder and former director of the Cedar Branch Bayou flute and drum circle, Former Vice-President of Louisiana Indian Heritage Association. Louisiana State Governor of the American Métis Aboriginal Association National Lodge (retired) a member of the International Native American Flute Association since 1998.

Twohawks music is available exclusively in New Mexico at Taos Herb Company