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Dandelion Wind CD

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Native American Music CD
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Dandelion Wind CD

This CD I made with a group of ladies in my community that sing and play musical instruments and wanted to do an album with Twohawks. There are some vocals on the album and all are original songs written by me. The song Dandelion Wind (vocal) tells a story about a man going home and drinking Dandelion Wine (a favorite drink of the Choctaw people) and he over does it and gets a bit intoxicated. The album also features some sounds of the didgeridoo and other world instruments such as the Udu and the Djembe. Wildflowers is my personal favorite on this CD Flute and the mountain dulcimer are used on this track. The word Nalosafayla is a Choctaw word which means Will 0 the Wisp and this track tells the story of one of the mythical people of the Choctaw Indians.

Twohawks is an enrolled tribal member of the Mount Tabor Indian Community. He is the former Director and founder of the Native American Flute Circle of Louisiana, the founder and former director of the Cedar Branch Bayou flute and drum circle, Former Vice-President of Louisiana Indian Heritage Association. Louisiana State Governor of the American Métis Aboriginal Association National Lodge (retired) a member of the International Native American Flute Association since 1998.

Twohawks music is available exclusively in New Mexico at Taos Herb Company