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Trementina Pinon Resin

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Used to heal, to balance and clear energies.
Trementina (Pinon) Resin 3oz $9.95 Trementina (pinon) Resin 8 oz $24.95 Trementina - Pinon - Resin 1 lb $47.40
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Trementina Resin

Also known as Pinon Resin, Trementina de Pinon, and Pinon Pine Resin, Trementina Resin is a sacred resin commonly used by Native Americans. The Pinon tree is one of the most prominent trees in Northern New Mexico, contributing to the unique scent of "Taos Air". It has been used for healing, balancing and clearing energies, and for fertility, compassion and mental strength. Burn by itself, or combine with other incense resins for a meditative combination.

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