Osha Root- Out of stock

Osha Root- Out of stock

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The plant most commonly called Bear medicine.
Osha root 1oz (Packaged) (OUT OF STOCK) $6.00
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Osha Root Grows Only in the Rocky Mountains

Osha Root is also know as Colorado cough root, Porter's lovage and Chuchupate. Osha is the plant most commonly called Bear medicine.

Our Osha is ethically wildcrafted to protect the plant population of this very important and sacred root.

This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you are sick or believe you might be sick, consult your doctor.
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Only Thing That Works 05/16/2016
By Storyteller GVL
Everybody is different. I had a lot of colds, bronchitis and strep as a member of a Syracuse, NY family of 6 who often reinfected each other as the [whatever] made the rounds through the family. I am in north central Florida now 11 years, and the pollen and "air stew" are slowly but surely wreaking another kind of havoc. Osha root tea is the ONLY thing for me that works to break up the congestion and clean out the sludge before evolving into a full-blown sinus infection. The osha root cough syrup ALMOST does it. It's hard to find osha root around here, so I rely heavily on Taos Herb's osha root to make osha root tea over the course of a few days to knock it out. The quality of the root is exceptional, judging by the great job it does, and quickly at that. I plan to give the small bags of osha root as stocking stuffers this Christmas - seriously. The root works steadily, not harshly on whatever creeping crud passed on to me by my grandchildren.

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