About Herbal Extracts

Taos Herb Company Herbal Extracts

Extracts are concentrated liquid herbal preparations. We use herbs that are either organic or ethically wildcrafted, which means that they have been harvested in the wild and are replanted, the way nature intended.


When you buy and consume Taos Herb Company herbal extracts, you know they you are getting fresh, hand-picked herbs that are ground and processed soon after being picked. Extraction concentrates the herbal medicine and keeps it fresh for 5 years or more. With many herbs that can be bought in capsules, you dont really know the quality of the herbs they contain.

How to Take

Tinctures have the advantage that they are easily absorbed into your system so that you receive their benefits in a more pure, concentrated form. They come in small bottles that are convenient for carrying with you wherever you go. They are very stable and do not require refrigeration. Our Taos Herb Company tinctures have a suggested dosage written on the label. One dropper squeezed into a glass is about thirty drops.


The liquids we use for the extraction process of tinctures are a combination of distilled water and organic grain alcohol. Alcohol extracts a greater amount of medicinal properties than just water or glycerine, plus alcohol keeps the product good and potent for at least 5 years. Its best to dilute your recommended dosage in water; and if you dont care for the taste of alcohol, you may put the dosage in cup of warm or hot (not boiling) water so that the alcohol will precipitate. Recovering alcoholics may want to seek advice from their recovery group or physician on the use of herbal extracts.


Our tinctures come in a variety of sizes, but the most common are 1 and 2 ounce brown bottles with a glass dropper lid. The brown glass helps maintain the quality of your tincture by limiting the exposure to light. Try to keep your tinctures out of direct light or extreme temperatures.

FDA Regulations

FDA Prohibits making claims for medicinal herbs as cures for particular symptoms, diseases, or conditions. We are required to state that "our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and that consumers should check with their health care professional before taking supplements or herbal products".

You can learn how to care for yourself with natural products that work with your body and not overpower it. There are many great health care professionals, books, and online material about medicinal healing and medical herbalism, and we encourage consumers to care for themselves by consulting with experts in this area before consuming medicinal herbs.
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