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Spice Aromatherapy Collection

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Soapstone Diffuser and 1/3 oz each Clove Bud, Allspice, & Ginger essential oils.
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Soapstone Diffuser and 1/3 oz Clove Bud, Allspice, & Ginger pure Essential Oils

Spice up your life a bit with the inviting scents of Allspice, Clove Bud and Ginger essential oils. This exciting combination brings about warmth and relaxation. Just what you need during times of stress and anxiety.

For aromatherapy, these unique, decorative soapstone diffusers add style to any space. Add drops of your favorite essential oil, and heat with a tea light underneath the diffuser bowl. Enjoy a candle glow with your favorite aromatherapy scent! 2.5" X 3".

Note: Each diffuser has a unique design.

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