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Incense Sticks Auromere Sandalwood

Incense Sticks Auromere Sandalwood
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Auromere Sandalwood Incense Sticks are sure to lift your spirits.
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Sandalwood Incense Sticks

These wonderful incense sticks are rolled in sandalwood powder and dips in pure sandalwood essential oil to assure that they bring the strong and uplifting scent into the space where they are used.

Each package is 10 grams and contains approximately 10 sticks.

Each stick is rolled by hand and packaged in 100% hand-made, recycled paper.

Imported from India, the land of spice.

Incense Sticks Auromere Sandalwood
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Incense Sticks Auromere Sandalwood
dB from SA Tx
The incense smells OK. However the incense I received was not the same brand that I ordered. There is a difference in the way it smells. I would have preferred to wait for the brand I wanted to come back into stock. Apparently was to be back in stock several weeks after order. Company phoned me about an error in posting my email about this order. Told would be in stock in about a week. I really received the order about 3-4 days later. Great! But not the best brand I ordered. OK smell but not nearly the same! Brand I wanted is much better.

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