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Jasmine Absolute Pure Essential Oil

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Jasmine Absolute Pure Essential Oil 1/48 oz $25.75 Jasmine Absolute Pure Essential Oil 1/8 oz $249.65 Jasmine Absolute Pure Essential Oil 1/3 oz $157.00
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Jasmine Absolute Pure Essential Oil

A warm, floral, exotic scent. Because the delicate jasmine flowers are too fragile for a steam extraction process, an organic solvent extraction method is used. This process is done at a low temperature, and the fragrance of the oil is almost identical to that of the flower.

Jasmine is expensive due to the large number of flowers needed to produce a small amount of oil. The flowers have to be gathered at night because the odor of jasmine is more powerful after dark. The flowers are laid out on cotton cloths soaked in olive oil for several days and then extracted leaving the true jasmine essence. Some of the countries producing jasmine essential oil are India, Egypt, China and Morocco.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and potent. Most essential oils should be diluted before use, and most are not intended for internal use. For more information, consult an aromatherapy practitioner.

This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you are sick or believe you might be sick, consult your doctor.

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