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Native American blessing cllection

Floating Feather Blessing Collection

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For Your "Blessing Ways" from Floating Feather.
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A Floating Feather Blessing

Collection contains:
1 Abalone Shell Smudge Bowl
1 Copal Oro Resin Tears 1oz
1 Flat Cedar 1oz
1 Roll of Charcoal Tablets
1 Beaded Turkey Wing Feather by Floating Feather

Taos artist Floating Feather makes each beautiful Beaded Turkey Wing Feather by hand especially for your use in the blessing ways in your life.
Bird feathers are the most often used sacred tools for ceremonial blessings. Used to fan and wash the smoke of herbs such as sage, cedar and sweetgrass over the people, objects or spaces being blessed.
Floating Feather�s Beaded Turkey Wing Feathers are natural and adorned with a fringed beaded handle.