Coriander Seed Pure Essential Oil

Coriander Seed Pure Essential Oil

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Coriander Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum

Native To: Middle East and southern Europe

Fun Fact: In Latin America and also in the US, coriander leaves are commonly known by the name cilantro.

Process: steam distillation method from roots, stem and leaves

Blends Well With: bergamot EO, essential oil of cinnamon, essential oil of ginger, essences of lemon, neroli essential oil and orange essential oils

Coriander Essential Oil Uses

  • Makes a beautiful refreshing soap when mixed with lemon or lavender
  • Use a few drops in your soy candle mix to add a touch of freshness
  • Coriander is also used in disinfectants, deodorants, room spray
Coriander Oil Properties: promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and potent. Most essential oils should be diluted before use, and most are not intended for internal use. For more information, consult an aromatherapy practitioner.

This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you are sick or believe you might be sick, consult your doctor.