Books: Herbs, Healing, & Aromatherapy

A fine selection of books about the tradition of healing with herbs, smudging, and Native American healing & ceremony.

Learn More About Sacred Herbs, Smudging and Blessing

AromathRobertaWilson.jpg Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Vibrant Health and Beauty
Price: $18.00
Provides all the information you need to understand and...
essentialoils_book_colleen_dodt.jpg The Essential Oils Book: Blends for Mind & Body
Price: $14.95
Comprehensive information on essential oils, and dozens...
CompleteBookAromatherapy.jpg The Complete Book of Essentail Oils & Aromatherapy
Price: $21.95
How to use the ancient practice of aromatherapy in ever...
FatFlushPlan_Book.jpg "Fat Flush Plan" by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD
Price: $24.95
Gittleman explains how to lose weight the healthy way, ...
Curandero.jpg Curandero - by Eliseo Cheo Torres
Price: $17.95
A personal account of Curanderismo as both a comtemplat...
HealingWithHerbsAndRituals.jpg Healing with Herbs & Rituals - A Mexican Tradition- by Eliseo Cheo Torres
Price: $19.95
"Healing with Herbs and Rituals" is an herbal remedy-ba...
DesertCanyon.gif Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West - book by Michael Moore
Price: $16.95
A guide to identifying, preparing and using traditional...
MedicinalPlants_MountainWest.gif Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West - book by Michael Moore
Price: $24.95
A guide to identifying, preparing and using traditional...
NativeAmHeal.jpg Native American Healing - book by Howard P. Bad Hand
Price: $19.95
Grounded in music, this book describes a Lakota ceremon...
SacSagSpiritMed.jpg Sacred Sage Spirit Medicine - Book by Silver Wolf Walks Alone
Price: $8.95
"Sacred Sage Spirit Medicine" Book by Silver Wolf Walks...
SacSage.jpg Sacred Sage, How it Heals- Book by Silver Wolf Walks Alone
Price: $6.95
Written to honor the spirit of the Sagebrush -- a great...
SacSmoke.jpg Sacred Smoke - Book by Harvest McCampbell
Price: $9.95
Harvest McCampbell began her studies of herbs, smudging...
smkplntsna.jpg Smoke Plants of North America (Book) by M. R. Ross
Price: $15.95
"Smoke Plants of North America" is a journey of discove...

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